Below audio is from incident mentioned in the East County Magazine concerning an accident with Mercy ambulance on Nov 3, 2019 while transporting a pregnant patient.

Wrong Way again and in a ditch.
PO Accident Dispatch

Incident: 00155 Type: Trfc Collision-1141 Enrt Location: 1785 Sr78 Loc Desc: JULIAN POST OFFICE Lat/Lon: 33.076363 -116.598266
Detail Information
6:47 AM 2 [4] CDF 97 VEH 1124 INTO TREE // ABT 50FT O/SIDE / REQ 1185 LL
6:32 AM 1 [3] 1039 108-72
Unit Information
6:43 AM 1 Unit Assigned

Below is the audio recording of the Informational meeting held at Station 57 in Cuyamaca on 02-09-2019 for the community to get an update of the JCFPD.


Ranchita Board Meeting Sept 18 2018 – Calfire Chief Mecham answers questions on coverage in Ranchita